"Gourd Art" - Family Heirloom Treasures for everyone to Enjoy!

We create Gourd Art, each piece is directed by the Creator of the Gourd Carousel ™ - Cia Silla along with her husband Tio. We have now perfected our new line featuring themes for Christmas, Easter, Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and various Themed Gourd Art. Every Hardshell Finished Art "Gourd Carousel ™" is a unique, one of a kind designed piece of beautiful art ready to display in your home - everyone will be able to have a beautiful "Gourd Art" family treasure.

The Gourd Carousel ™ runs or turns with the heat made by the candles. The candles once lite will make heat rise, it in turn will make the fan or paddles start to rotate, the scene located within the gourd will also turn. It is really remarkable to see it in motion.

Each Gourd Carousel ™ has 50 to 100 different parts. There are two different candle holder types, tealight and taper. The fan that tops our Gourd Carousels are made of wood. The base is made of poplar and has four feet made of maple. The hat the tops the actual gourd is made of red oak. Each Gourd Art piece that makes up the Carousel is hand crafted and hand finished. The Gourds are grown here in the USA, all the other pieces are made either in the USA or in Germany.

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To get the perfect look for our Gourd Art, Cia travels to each of the gourd farms that grow gourds for us, and handpicks the perfect gourd for her art, carefully discerning the perfect shape, size and textured design on the shell. Tio then cleans by hand each gourd, and gives them back to Cia for her original designs to be sketched on the shell. With precision and skill, Tio cuts each design out by hand, and then hand rubs the dyes into the gourd with his own specially formulated colors. The handmade wooden figurines are added piece by piece to the spinning platforms, and your handmade Gourd Carousel ™ is complete, just waiting for you to enjoy its magical unfolding scene.

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