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Memories on the Amish Gourd Farm

Gourd Store ArtMemories on the Amish Gourd Farm are numerous and isolating just a few to express the experiences is a difficult choice to make. The farm that supplies the material for the GourdStore is an Amish farm. Their farming practices have not changed much since this group began to settle in the state of Pennsylvania back in the early 1700’s.


There are no harmful fertilizers or mechanical equipment that is used at any step of growing the gourds for use as gourd carousels. This natural way of growing is also reflected in the natural way the gourd carrousels are perceived in the art world today.


Because of the way of life all Amish members live by, each morning is similar than on any other farm. The men get up before dawn and begin to do their chores. The first ones of the day always include taking care of the animals that help them provide their way of life for their families. This includes feeding the cows, chickens and horses that live with them on the farm. The only animals that are not feed by the Amish are the cats. This is one of the other few similarities between the Amish farm and most other modern ones across America. The cats have a job to do that requires them to kill all of the field mice that populate the fields. This is a great example the Amish children get to see the natural order of God’s work that they live by.


Because the Amish do not use mechanical devices except sparingly, this includes cars. For all of their transportation needs the use of horse draw buggies are used or they hire a driver. This might be a slow form of transport but the Amish enjoy it. They also love the fact that the horses produce fertilizer instead of pollution.


While the gourds that are used to produce the art work from the GourdStore are not a source of food, the lack of pollution allows for the gourds to be as pure and Godly possible. This makes a positive contribution to the quality of the gourds they grow.


This natural way of growing has help to keep the gourds thick outer shell intact without the use of steroids or vitamins that other farmers in the area are using on their crops and livestock. This also helps to produce that same natural color with few to no imperfections the gourds have been known to have for centuries.


This natural way of life of being in communion with God, the land and all he has provided is the natural way for this group of people. Their farming practices are known to be having larger harvest and cost less than their counter parts on nearby more modern farms.


This natural beginning of the gourds is then carried thru when Tio & Cia create a Gourd Carousel™ from them. While the outside of the gourds are covered with translucent paint, the insides are left in their natural state. This allows for one of God’s creations to live on naturally for decades to come.

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